About The Author

Children’s book author L.T. Caton knew early in her teaching career that she wanted to be a writer. As a young student, history was her least favorite subject because she found it boring and often questioned why the historical facts in textbooks provided one perspective.

As a teacher and writer, L.T.’s goal is to educate students in a fun way about people in history who are often not mentioned in textbooks and explore the many conflicting versions of history. She hopes to achieve this goal through the book series, Find Me in Time, a collection of chapter books covering significant historical events or periods.

L.T. thinks a great book has relatable characters, an engaging plot, and a lesson learned that can be applied to real-life long after the book is closed. She hopes her books inspire a love of reading and, in particular, motivate children of color and young girls to learn about people in history who look like them.

Hailing from New York, when she’s not writing fascinating historical fiction stories for young readers, L.T. enjoys being near the ocean—fishing, walking on the beach, sailing, and cycling. She also enjoys baking, cooking, traveling, community service, and being with family and friends. Her family, including her parents, sister, and late maternal grandmother, have supported her professional journey.

Find Me in Time’s debut title is Meeting Columbus, about the famed explorer’s first landing in the New World.