“The first thing to note about this book is its ability to draw young readers into the intriguing world of five friends whose efforts to play hide-and-seek result in an experience that tests their confidence in reality itself: ‘Have you ever been somewhere you thought you knew, down to the tiniest detail, only to discover that things are not at all as they seem?’ The first-person game turns into a journey none of the kids expected in a story punctuated by color drawings that bring the chapters to life.”
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus is a fantastic adventure that not only takes readers on a thrilling time-travel journey but also provides an educational look at the history of Christopher Columbus and the impact of his actions on the native peoples he encountered. The vivid descriptions of the past and the interactions between the characters and historical figures make this a captivating read for children and adults alike. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun and informative way to learn about history.”
Kameron Brook, Reviewer, Reedsy Discovery
“What sets this book apart is its attention to detail and historical accuracy. The author has clearly done extensive research to ensure that each period is accurately portrayed, which makes the story all the more immersive. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and their adventures are exciting and unpredictable. From the forests of pre-Columbian America to the battlefields of World War II, this book takes the reader on a journey through time that is both thrilling and enlightening.”
Booklife by Publishers Weekly
“Find Me In Time is a wildly entertaining story that will keep kids paying attention to every page as they tour history in a brand-new way. L.T. Caton is either a history buff or has spent some serious time researching the places, times, and history that happen in each location. I highly recommend it to those who are adventurous or who enjoy history.”
Amy Raines, Readers' Favorite
“Find Me in Time: Meeting Columbus is a thrilling adventure that takes readers on a journey through time and history. It’s a story that challenges readers to think critically about the past and to question the narratives they’ve been taught. With its engaging characters and exciting plot, this book is sure to capture the imagination of young readers and spark their curiosity about the world around them.”

Readers' Choice Book Awards
“L.T. Caton loves history; her desire is to allow her love of the subject to become infectious. In Find Me In Time, she meets her goal to make history come alive and exciting. Using time travel, through the larger inside than outside TreeHouse, five children learn that history has some dark edges. While entertaining, it also teaches lessons from history. For instance, your child will learn that the word ‘hammock’ originally came from the Taino people, the first Americans Columbus met. Who wouldn’t want to travel back in history and witness events as they happened? This story gives you that opportunity. I recommend it to help children become interested in history.”
Philip Van Heusen, Readers' Favorite
“From the first scene, L.T. Caton wraps us in the plot and characters. The detailed illustrations help us see the story as it unfolds and give it depth. The culture and language of the Taino people are seamlessly woven into the story, giving us a better picture of the natives and what shaped their lives. Children may have a different view of Christopher Columbus, but after understanding the heartbreaking actual events around his exploration, they may form an alternate opinion. Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus is a beautiful story for older children, which offers a different perspective of Columbus’s exploration.”
Courtnee Turner Hoyle, Readers' Favorite
“Caton’s engaging work of historical fiction, aimed primarily at children and young readers, offers a concise and enlightening history lesson accessible to all. This compelling book provides an informative and eye-opening account of natural history, presented in a manner that is neither tedious nor traumatizing. The story is skillfully crafted, with a well-paced plot that smoothly transitions from one event to another. While the characters may not be intricate, their warm, genuine friendship dynamic underscores children’s inclusivity and open-mindedness when unencumbered by adult biases.”
Karen Almeida, Assistant Editor, Literary Titan

“Caton does an especially good job in bringing these kids and their wonder to life, answering many questions about time travel and encounters with other cultures which are typically mercurial in time-travel tales. The result is more than a leisure story about a time travel adventure, but a solid inspection of Columbus’s times that brings history to life, inviting young readers to understand how these events translate to insights that affect modern approaches to life and knowledge. Elementary-level libraries and readers looking for fictional works that embrace stories of people of color, culture clashes, and events seen from other than the usual staid vision of Columbus and his journey will find plenty of food for thought and classroom discussion here, all couched in a lively read that will attract even those usually reluctant to analyze history’s lessons and concepts.”