THC Club Members

Ashley has always been a bit shy, hiding in her hoodie and only speaking when she has something really important to say. She tends to notice things no one else does, though, and really cares about people. Her family is from Puerto Rico and they speak Spanish at home. She’s not very tall, but she’s easy to spot with her bunches of curly hair

Aaron is smart and athletic, but he’s sometimes impulsive when he should take time to think ahead. He likes to solve puzzles and has a competitive spirit. He’s a fashion-free zone and always dresses in comfy jeans and tee shirts. He has a mop of dark hair that almost covers his pale forehead and bright green eyes.

Keith is confident and protective. He enjoys drawing and architecture and dreams of designing buildings when he grows up. His friends often look to him to resolve conflicts, but he loves a good strategy game as well. He always wears fashionable clothes that match his well-kept buzz-cut afro.

Harry used to be bullied for being overweight, but he has a good sense of humor and can almost always manage a smile. He loves inviting people to his house where they can hang out in the pool or game room. Harry has freckles, ginger hair, and fashionable glasses.

Emma manages to stay organized even when the unexpected happens. Her friends can count on her to find the answers to just about any question. She lives in a little apartment with her younger sister and her mom. She loves finding new ways to wear thrift store clothes and can almost always be found in a wellpressed skirt that matches her tidy blonde hair.

About the Tree House Club

The Tree House Club was founded on an ordinary day as Ashley, Aaron, Keith, Harry, and Emma were playing hide-and-seek, only to discover an invisible ladder leading to a treehouse. They learned that by asking a question inside its walls, they could travel anywhere—and any when—to explore and find answers. After a few bumpy rides, they always plan ahead before making any trips in time. Most days they just hang out in the treehouse, enjoying snacks and playing games.

Tree House Club Rules:

  • Always plan ahead and do research
  • Everyone must agree before we go
  • Everyone gets a turn if they want it
  • Always come home right away if anyone is not feeling OK