Encouraging Healthy Habits: A Guide to Children’s Smartphone Use

Like many parents today, you are probably concerned about the role technology devices such as Smartphones (iPhones) play in keeping your child engaged or disengaged from their day-to-day learning experiences. We understand your concern; however, there are many ways that an iPhone can help your child to perform better in school.

Here are four ways that these devices are helpful:

  1. Through the use of an iPhone, your child’s learning can be improved to include virtual field trips. Virtual trips allow your child to digitally visit, explore, and learn about different places without leaving the classroom or their homes.
  2. Children with strong higher order and problem-solving skills perform better in school. Did you know that iPhones allow students to easily access various resources that can increase their higher order and problem-solving skills?
  3. Your child can use the iPhone to learn and practice new languages and view educational videos from various teachers and regions of the world.
  4. Your child can use the iPhone to participate in group activities via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, etc. Such activities allow your child to share and get class information regarding various topics they learned in class. This improves their chances of doing very well in each of their subject areas. Please contact your child’s teacher to see if they use any of these resources for their classes.

iPhones offer unlimited opportunities for your child to be a better student and prepare them to succeed in today’s technology-rich environment. Check out the following resources:

Virtual Field Trips

Apps and websites that promote higher order and problem-solving skills

Apps that help child learn new languages

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